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Atlanta are among the clubs whose storied tapestry that you truly have to unravel to find exactly what the thinking was behind the title, images and colors related to the team. They took their inspiration to their present crest from over 2,000 decades back and have kept adjusting it to match the times. As it transpired, among the most significant course discussions happened in the fitness center as some Swiss pupils, disillusioned with the nation of sporting societies inside the city, chose to put up their own team.

Together with their Ancient Greek research coming to the end, the amount of Atlanta is their centerpiece since propositions were placed on the desk. She coped with a couple centaurs who strove to violate that oath and could challenge any man wanting to marry her to a race. When they won, she had been theirs. When they lost, they’d be murdered.


It was only in Hippomenes the grandson of Poseidon which she’d be defeated, diverted by a few yummy apples which were thrown in her manner by Aphrodite. Anyhow, to prevent straying further off topic, Atlanta would not make it on into the badge of the club until years afterwards, but her title stayed in greater ways than you, since the club was called La Dea The Goddess. A mix with Bergamasca that donned white and blue stripes in 1924 attracted the former to the equation, together with the recently formed club carrying on its present blue and black stripes.

Having mostly established them selves as a Series A side, a Copa Italia victory in 1963 was going to propel Atlanta ahead in relation to broader appeal. Angelo Domenghini struck on a hat trick against Torino from the closing to not bring back the cup to Bergamo for the very first time, but European soccer also.

Together with the Cup Winners Cup ticket reserved, Atlanta went to a facelift, including the shape of the Greek athlete that the team is named after in their crest. She’s seen running in among her notorious races against potential suitors on the proper, with black and blue stripes currently filling the left half of this badge, as opposed to the original white and black.

That European excursion just made one stop since Atlanta were removed after three games an additional playoff was needed following the initial two legs by ultimate champions Sporting CP, that had been managed by part time fighter, part time football referee, along with part time soccer trainer Anselmo Fernandez.

Atlanta subsequently became Italy’s yoyo club, rebounding between the top two tiers for quite a few years before falling under Series B and to Series C1 at 1981. Three decades later, they had been back in the airport with a brand new badge to boot up.

The title Atlanta was dropped from the crest, and so was of Atlanta’s entire body, as La Dea favored a circular shape which only comprised Atlanta’s head as well as the colors blue and black. In regards to the club roots is created in Atlanta’s own hair, which meanders in white and black stripes. The gold trim is still there being a characteristic on preceding badges, also.


The Scudetto winner’s eligibility for the European Cup enabled Atlanta to the Cup Winners Cup and after defeat Welsh side Merthyr Tydfil at the initial leg of their opening round, they attained the quarter finals. Sporting were their competitions again with payback on the cards Atlanta would advance 3-1 on aggregate. It had been eventual winners KV Mechelen who eventually put them out at the previous four. Together with the team creating continental strides, the badge has been changed again, since the group’s title was reintroduced above Atlanta’s head along with the launching season was comprised under.

The roots of Atlanta’s title and today international image might have been spent tens of thousands of years back, however how in which the club is conducted and the way the team is performing on the pitch does justice to that celebrated Greek athlete greater than previously.